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“We are on a mission to change how people are matched with new opportunities, transforming how we are presented and unbiased matched to work with a purpose.”

Who We Are & What We Do

I Pair U is a People & Talent Tech startup, innovating and finding better ways to support talent & job matching, hybrid work & talent mobility, and building a new foundation for storing & sharing career data. I pair U is a unique solution that makes your career data work for you, introduces you to new opportunities, makes job applications more successful, adding more data.

I Pair U the next generation within career pathing, career matching & talent mobility – Talent matching made more efficient and faster, monetizing on skills and capabilities. The CV or resume, as we know it, will become three-dimensional; they are already changing. Career data & presenting skills will be one of the people's most valuable assets.

I Pair U aims to simplify and disrupt job matching in the HR Tech market of overcomplicated and inaccessible technology. I Pair U will make seeking & applying for a new job fun, simple, and hiring much faster.

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Who Are We
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